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The motorboat Sea Star offers a wide variety of services and comforts, and respects all of the safety certificates of Rina (Register of Italian Ships) and has a highly qualified crew. During the entire excursion you will have an English tour guide who will give information about the islands, sceneries and the various bays. On board we have:

  • A restaurant service and a bar
  • Ample seating and tables on the lower deck inside the saloon and a lovely large seating area at the front of the boat.
  • On the upper deck we have a large area in the sun and in the shade with tables and chairs with an amazing panoramic view.
  • We have a comfortable way to get in and out of the water during our swimming stops, thanks to our incorporated ladders.
  • For boarding we have a brand new footbridge that is wheelchair and pram/ stroller accessible. The boat also has bathrooms for your convenience.

Motorboat Sea Star.

Sea Star


The motorboat Sea Star offers complete services with all comforts on board and a fully qualified crew.

Linea delle Isole is a family run company, with experience than spans over 30 years in the tourism and nautical industry.
Salvatore Manca, born on the island of La Maddalena, started off a young entrepreneur, buying his first boat the “Invincible” in the early 80’s, an already qualified ship commander, he took tourists to one of the islands of La Maddalena archipelago together with just another boat, who went to a different island. Fast forward 10 years and numerous boat upgrades and he invested in the fantastic and robust boat “Sea Star” from the famous shipyard of Foschi, and began visiting the entire archipelago in one full day boat trip.

He passed all of his experience onto his son Giovanni, who grew up with “Sea Star” working and maintaining the boat together with his father, and he eventually took the reigns of the of the company, bringing it into the new generation.

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Linea delle Isole

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Linea delle Isole strives on customer satisfaction, and our aim is to share the splendor and beauty of the archipelago of La Maddalena, from the comfort of our motorboat. Our commitment and passion, leads us day by day, to make your day trip with us an unforgettable experience and a dream come true.

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Linea delle Isole.

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