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Here is a collection of the most beautiful photographs from La Maddalena, Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria and Caprera.

A fascinating group of large islands and tiny granite islands, which form one of the most suggestive scenes in the Mediterranean and of the world..
Take your feet off dry land and find yourself in a never ending blue universe, and see one of the worlds most breathtaking archipelago's.Live a day with the sea's breeze on your face, whilst we discover bays with fine sand, emerald waters and a panoramic like you've never seen.La Maddalena archipelago is in an angle of Sardinia, just a short distance from the emerald coast, one of the most popular areas in summer, captivates it's visitors with its unique untouched identity, with over three hundred beaches and crystal waters it's unlike no other place in the world.
We are in the heart of the national park of the archipelago of La Maddalena, a territory which spans over 180km of coastlines, with underwater life that extends for 15000 acres and it proudly holds within the archipelago some of the most known beaches in the world. All photos are property of Mauro Coppadoro

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