Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria, La Maddalena

Itinerary 1

We leave Palau at 10:30 am and cruise towards the wonderful island of SPARGI, when the boat arrives you can use the boats doorway openings to take your belongings straight onto the islands pathway, where you will see the large beaches that you have to chose from, for your first stop.

In the afternoon we leave the island of Spargi, and go along the coast towards the island of BUDELLI for a photographic stop of the famous Pink Beach “Spiaggia Rosa”.

We then enter inside the natural swimming pool of PORTO DELLA MADONNA where the emerald colour of the water will take your breath away.

We then head on to the island of SANTA MARIA for our next beach stop, once again you can easily get off the boat with your things to sunbathe, have a swim or go on a lovely walk to the old lighthouse on the island. Once we leave Santa Maria we will go along the western coast of La Maddalena towards our final stop, in the charming historical center of the mother Island LA MADDALENA, for shopping and exploring.

We estimated arrival at the port of Palau is between 17:00 and 17:30

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Linea delle Isole

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Linea delle Isole.

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